HyWay Alliance Trøndelag is a business alliance for heavy-duty transport companies and goods owners in central Norway. We are working to decarbonize the sector and to realize hydrogen as the preferred alternative for transport of heavy cargo on the road

Achieve net-zero for all land-based heavy-duty transport in Central Norway​

Lower barriers to switching to hydrogen vehicles by offering decision support and competence to transporters and goods owners in the region​

Main goal​
Establish a hydrogen infrastructure that can serve 80 % of all land-based heavy-duty transport in Central Norway by 2035


The 2030 goal of National Transport Plan and Trøndelag County Municipality is zero emission transport in

  • All new vans and light-duty trucks
  • 75 % of all new long-distance buses
  • 50 % of all new heavy-duty trucks
  • All distribution of goods in the largest city centers

EU is considering a ban on sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2035

The Norwegian oil fund will exclude companies without a climate plan in 2040 and companies not reaching net-zero in 2050

For more information about HyWay Alliance Trøndelag or registering as a member contact john.wormdal@proneo.no