Hydrogen plant

Meråker Hydrogen is currently working on starting building a plant in 2024

The first buldingstep will be a small hydrogen production capacity to get pilotprojects and to supply early customers with hydrogen. Later the plant will be expanded as the demand increases for hydrogen. First hydrogen produced from the plant is expected by the end of 2025. Currently the plant is in concept phase for defining layout and equipment.

Approximate placement of the first facility
View of the plot

Renewable power from local hydrogen production

The hydropower was earlier built to supply Meråker Smelteverk with clean renewable power. However, today almost all power are exported to other regions. Due to regulation on minimum flow in the rivers all year and transmissional losses on export power cable. Local use of electricity makes Kopperå very suitable and cost effective for hydrogen production. The hydrogen plant is planned to be built in Kopperå which is between Meråker Kraftverk and Tevla Kraftverk.

Hydropower plants Owner Installed effect (MW) Annual production (GWh)
Meråker Kraftverk NTE 87 436
Tevla pumpekraftverk NTE 50 98
Funna Kraftverk NTE 21 69
Skurdalsåa småkraftverk NTE 3,0 13
Gudåa småkraftverk Meråker Kraft 4,6 12
Reinåa småkraftverk Meråker Kraft Meråker Kraft 5,3 13

Meraker Hydrogen is located near key distribution and infrastructure hubs

Meraker Hydrogen will supply compressed hydrogen to key infrastructur hubs in the region serving multiple applications. The hydrogen plant is located close to road such as E6, E14 and railways Meråkerbanen and Norlandsbanen. In addition Muruvik port is in near proximity for export.