made from local hydropower in Meråker

We aim to be the preferred clean green hydrogen producer in mid-Nordic,
and to accelerate the green shift

Powered by local hydropower in Meråker we are establishing a factory to produce clean renewable hydrogen. By increasing the availability of clean energy in the mid-Nordic we aim to contribute to a reduction in the regional emissions by 8000kg C02 per day in the end of 2025.


Why Meråker?

  • Large industrial area ready for industrial use

  • Access to two markets

  • Political tailwind in Sweden and Norway for establishing hydrogen value chains

  • Access to electricity from hydropower plants close to the hydrogenplan

  • Low export capacity in existing infrastructure in Meråker


The Green Shift

is happening right now

The authorities and Trøndelag county have planned the following measures to accelerate the Green Shift in the region

  • All new ferry tenders must set requirements for low or zero emissions from 2023. For highspeed ferries, the requirement shall apply from 2025.

  • New passenger cars and light vans will be zero-emission vehicles in 2025.

  • New city buses will be zero-emission vehicles or use biogas as fuel in 2025, and by 2030, 75% of all new long-distance buses (heavier vehicles) be zero-emission buses.

  • By 2030, new heavier vans, 75 % of new long-distance buses and 50% of new trucks will be zero-emission vehicles. By 2030, the distribution of goods in the largest city centers will be approximate zero emissions.

  • Zero and low-emission solutions in the aquaculture industry from 2024